Life in Daegu: Tips and Life Hacks for Moving to Korea

Topic: Grade 6 YBM 1 – 4. Read times. Here’s an intro ppt and worksheet that I used. The intro ppt was made up using a lot from another book’s ppts so thanks to whoever created them! The worksheet is basically so the kids can practice writing and spelling so as I introduce the new word I have them write it five times and then the back is a fill in the blank. Natz Veteran April 12, , am Incheon more. Kids loved this song months last year!

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Joel’s Travel Tips. Considering making the dive into living and working overseas and not sure where to begin? Then this article is perfect for you. This guide will help you tell you all about teaching English in Korea and whether it might be the right move for you. If you want to know how I got that figure, then check out this article:.

You can get some honest insights and see if life in Korea is right for you.

Looking to spend a gap year teaching English in South Korea? share their personal experiences living, studying, working and dating in the.

Topic: Grade 6 YBM 1 – 4. Read times. Baia Adventurer 53 August 07, , pm South Korea more. Hey all, I did this ordinal number song activity with my class and it worked really well. It goes through months and dates in a year. They are given lyrics with errors and then you have them listen and correct. I played the song twice. I did it as a mission and gave the first 3 students to complete it a prize.

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Posts about teaching written by geoff mcguire. Prasun be decreased their lives as me to roleplay. This speed dating lesson plans. I came across this last week we focused a date.

Teaching in Korea Discoveries 1: Kim Heechul is a household name. preparations to apply for the program about month before my desired start date. in Korea ( and ), but Waygook does require a yearly.

Everyone has different reasons for coming to live and teach English in Korea, and everyone has differing ranges of how much they can adapt to the radically different culture of Korea. Four years ago, when I was still pretty much a newbie in Korea, I remember walking down the street with an expat who had been here for six years. Where had it gone? How could it have been damaged to such a degree as to vent such antipathy towards the people who surrounded her in the culture she had chosen to live and teach?

At the opposite, the adapted have no problems understanding the culture no questions about the choices he makes in regards to everyday challenges — e. In between these two states — new or adapted, one goes through a mental and sometimes physical pain trying to understand and control to a certain level what is going around.

The end of this state is reached gradually, after one paid a lot of attention to the people and things around, and eventually understood the ranking of values and the ways one can achieve them. These things in and of themselves never used to tire me during my first two years in Korea, but after and the horrific experiences I had at a foreign language training center something in me radically changed, and while was a really good year for me because I went to teach at a national university of education and was treated as a professional educator and colleague by the Korean faculty—thank you!

Everything you need to know about teaching in a hagwon

Read times. I want to teach my middle school students about consent. From what I’ve gathered, sexual abuse isn’t addressed much in schools.

For the first time since a started teaching, which was the long ago date of March 3rd, , one of my lessons bombed. The lesson in question.

What was the general reaction? Topic: Have you dated any Koreans in Korea? Read times. Quote from: ithinkinailedit on September 19, , pm. BTeacher Expert Waygook May 26, , am more. Canadian formerly dating, currently married to a Korean woman. Her father is dead, so there wasn’t much resistance there. I met the rest of her family after about 8 months of dating, and apparently made good enough of an impression that they liked me.

I know another couple, where the Korean woman over 30 had a curfew of 11pm, or some such nonsense. They also neglected to mention the fact that they lived together in London for a year, but when they finally told her parents there were no problems.

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Here are a few of my reflections on my experience so far.. You are commenting using your WordPress. You are commenting using your Google account. You are commenting using your Twitter account.

goods up to 60 days after their arrival date. The Beautiful Store is is useful for English teachers living in Seoul as a space for sharing lesson plans but is also vital for its non-teaching message boards.

Stupid question, but who’s the woman in the slide after Harry Potter? Also, did anyone get a negative reaction to the Kim Jong Il slide? I’m always a little nervous to talk about him in class, worried it might be a sensitive issue. Really cool lesson though, going to try it on my after school classes today. I’m loving iHerb. The First Date Konglish is not my work. I took the dating etiquette warm up from another Dating ppt thats available on waygook.

Waygook PSA: Potential Problems (and Solutions!) for Expats in Korea

Read times. Hanmin Newgookin 2 July 05, , am South Korea more. I would avoid anything controversial if I were you. Parents get freaked out about strange things, so if you value your job, I wouldn’t make this lesson. I had a student ask me to read a book with her and then discuss it.

A simple UNO game to practice saying the dates. Here’s some stuff for lesson 4​, as always be sure to check this post every now & again as I’ll.

Last week you saw the first five ideas about how the be creative during the very slow and boring desk warming season in South Korea. I hope you enjoyed the first list and find lots of goodies on this list as well! For newbies to photography, opening up Photoshop might seem like trying to read an entirely new language. Save yourself the cash and headaches by learning to use photo editing tools on a free and easier to use app like Gimp. As far as what you can sell, the sky is the limit.

Often the lessons you can download on the site are uploaded by a particularly generous few who, despite gaining nothing in return such as pay or even thanks, upload their lessons faithfully if only to help out new teachers. Pay the favor forward by uploading your amazing lessons plans as well while you have all the free time during winter break. A little cheesy I admit, but I like to write letters to myself often to remind myself of my goals, accomplishments, and to keep myself in check and focused.

During the winter break, I got bored and started this at the time secret habit of writing letters to myself to open on special days and occasions. The first letter I wrote to myself was meant for the day I left Korea.

Confronting Korea with my Waygook card

Hagwons are private schools that many South Korean students attend outside regular school hours to get in some extra study. Academic success is a big deal in South Korea and while not all students do this kind of extra study, the hagwon industry is huge. There are around , of them throughout South Korea, mostly in urban centers like Seoul and Busan. There are quite a few similarities between teaching in hagwons and public schools. You can expect a similar salary of around 2.

Beyond this, there are actually more differences than you might think between teaching in a public school and a hagwon.

up to 60 days after their arrival date. KOREAN BUZZ is useful for Ilbo newspaper, notes that for sharing lesson plans but is also vital for its non-teaching (“mother’s friend’s.

Bottom line: The life is easy, and the money is good. The whole point of you being there is to expose the kids to a native accent and Western culture. No again. Of course, a love of kids or previous experience teaching will be helpful — but is definitely not necessary. There are two main types of English teaching positions available in South Korea: private school and public school. Hagwons, on the other hand, are private English-language schools.

Korean children attend them before or after regular school to work on their English. But, if you get a good one, most people enjoy it. I knew a girl at a hagwon in my city who taught eight hours straight, five days a week, with two weeks of vacay a year. If you want a popular location Busan, Seoul, Jeju , you should get your application in as early as possible.

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