Hell Orange - i likethat you like to make me happy

Hell Orange - i like(that you like to make me happy)

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i like to find treasure inside the trash
it has no measure but my screaming flesh
delight every time you grab my hand
squeezes hard as your pillow melts into my head

i am saying it into my head over and over
but also saving it to the better end
you complete me that i know for sure
i care for you deeply that is also true

and i am standing on the widest shore
counting jellyfishes through horizon
i need more time to find out what is true
i need more time to spend with you

i am devoted to the brightest man
indulging thhoughts about him and his strenghth
save some empty space for me to conceive
there is something worth fighting
i see you infatuated
it gives me more
courage to be infatuated too
j'aime bien cela
tu es magnifique

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