The Beautified Project - Stupid love song

The Beautified Project - Stupid love song

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Дата добавления: 2016-10-23

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I left the couch for my bed
Thinking about the things you said
I know the truth hasnt been told
But Ill hang on to your words

You came to me like summer rain
You washed away all my pain
I know its a bit too soon to say
But I love you anyway-oh

The first smile you gave to me
That first kiss punished me
Devils burning in your eyes
My life for you Ill sacrifice

Make a wish it may come true
Although thats not always true
She says she can see the light
I dont know I must be blind

Take a look at this tired soul
You got me running out of control
Fake a smile so I can sleep
And fly with you in my dreams

Видео The Beautified Project ft Iva la Diva - Stupid love song
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